Re-Processed an Old Image

Last night I was going through old images and came across an old favorite of mine. An image named “Shattered” that I captured on the St. Louis river in Billings Park, Superior, Wi on 11-25-2007
This shot stands out for me because it is one of the first images I took that I think was a Keeper, a printable image. It was also the first time “exposing to the right” clicked in my head.

I used the processing techniques I have learned since 2007 and used them to re-process this shot from the original RAW file.

Adjusting White balance, tweaking curves, pumping clarity into the ice and contrast adjustments really made this stand out over the old processing in my opinion. I may have to go over some of my other images from years past and see if they can be improved as well.

Here is the image, old and new.

Click the image below to see the clear,  higher resolution image.

You can buy a print of the newly processed image here.


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