Pacific Northwest Trip 7/30/11 – 8/04/11

I have been putting off processing and sharing my images from my trip to the Pacific northwest with Jeff Swanson of but finally decided to process some and share them.
This is a location that I have been dreaming of visiting for many, many years. The opportunity finally came when Jeff asked if I’d like to meet up at his place near Oakland and head North on a week long road trip. I said yes, bought plane tickets, put my tent and sleeping bag in my luggage and I was gone.
When we finally arrived at our first location, Proxy Falls, I was in awe. I continued to be in awe at every location we went to.
Having been there once, I now have a better idea of what I want next time I go and I will go again, soon.
Here are the images. Feel free to leave feedback if you want or just enjoy them for what they are.




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