Sorbet Explosion


This week has been pretty incredible for sunsets.
Monday night, the storm broke and big, dramatic, colorful skies unfolded over Lake Superior.

Then, Tuesday night the skies were looking really good again. I headed down to Lake Superior around an hour and a half prior to sunset. I looked back toward the West and it looked much better than over the lake. I decided to try my luck at Hartley Nature Center, but when I got up there and hiked around, the skies had cleared out and the clouds moved over Lake Superior. I hiked back to my car and made it to Stoney Point where I was treated to another nice display, albeit very brief, right at sunset. (no complaints)

Here’s how I set my gear up to get this shot. My tripod was as low as it would go, I used an wide-angle lens and set my focus just before the rocks.
I set my aperture to F/11, ISO to 160 (160 seems to be cleaner than 100 on the 5D Mark II)
I then took an exposure. The exposure was 1/4 second. Next, I put my B+W 10 stop ND filter on my wide angle lens and added a 2 stop soft edge grad ND in front of the 10 stop Filter.
I then doubled my exposure 11 times.
Why double it 11 times with a 10 stop filter? In my findings, 11 stops generally works best for me when using the B+W 10 stop filter. Another reason was, the light was fading and extra time on the exposure would help out a bit.
Here is how the math works out with a starting exposure of 1/4 second
1/4s – 1/2s – 1s – 2s – 4s – 8s – 16s – 32s -64s – 128s – 256s – 512s
512 seconds = 8.5 minute exposure.
“Sorbet Explosion”


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