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Sleeping in a car to get some photos..

Yesterday, I drove up the North Shore of Lake Superior after work. I was almost to Canada, Eh and had the intention of tenting.
I Got there in time to sleep in my car. Luckily it wasn’t too cold out.
I woke up this morning around 45 minutes before sunrise and  shot for an hour or so in Grand Marais’ Harbor and along the shoreline looking toward the Sawtooth Mountains.

After I was done shooting the sunrise, I drove south and hiked the Oberg Mountain Loop. It’s a 3.5 mile hike with several scenic overlooks. Unfortunately I got there about 4 days too late, a storm came through last week and wiped out a good chunk of the maple and oak leaves. I also hiked out to Lake Agnes but again, many trees had lost their leaves and I was uninspired to shoot anything. I enjoyed the view, hiked back and it started pouring. I jumped in my car and headed back home.


Beaver River and Split Rock State Park

I drove up to Beaver Bay after work today and hiked up the Beaver River.
Got a little risky on this shot and put myself in a fairly compromising position.
In the end I was glad I did and was also glad I didn’t slip and fall into the gorge behind me as I was straddling the falls.

I also stopped at Split Rock just after sunset and grabbed a shot of the lighthouse before heading home.


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Dredging the Canal

I had wanted to take a photo of the workers dredging the Canal since they started doing it several weeks ago.
I headed down to the canal after work and shot this using my B+W 10 Stop filter.
This is a 124 second exposure captured before sunset.


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Temperence and Tettegouche

I visited Temperence River Stae Park and Tettegouche State park today.
unfortunately the arch at Tettegouche collapsed a couple weeks ago, but it did leave a nice sea stack behind.

I used my 10 stop B+W ND filter on both of these images.


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Jay Cooke Storm

I looked out my living room window saw some storm clouds. They looked like they would have been over Jay Cooke State Park, so I drove over and hiked down to my favorite spot and snapped this shot.

Canon 5D + 17-40 L + HiTech 2 and 3 stop grad ND filters.


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Ships in the Clouds

I had my camera with me today at work. I looked outside and saw some interesting fog over Lake Superior. I then notice a coast guard ship and a large freighter in the fog.
I like how they look as if they were floating on the clouds.


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Split Rock Storm

I visited Split rock State park today with fellow landscaper Jay Luikart.

I shot this image just before sunset and used my B+W 10 stop ND filter to get the silky water and smooth sky.


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An afternoon at Park Point

I took a walk to the end of MN point and back with another local photographer, Nate Lindstrom and his dog, Ace. Only took a handful of images and these are a couple that I decided to process.

#1 – An ancient outhouse in the middle of the old growth forest.


#2 – A wooden walkway through the Sand Dunes at the end of Park Point.

I used a 10 stop neutral density filter to get a 326 second exposure mid-day.
This created the motion effect in the clouds and grass.


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