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Cold Canal Park – Duluth, MN

I decided to try and capture some images before work today. The temps were around -10F and the Steam was whipping through the Canal. At times the lighthouses were not visible, which meant I had to be patient and wait for the right moments. I love shooting in semi-extreme weather conditions like this, it really adds that extra element and interest to the scene.
Here are a couple square crops from this morning.

Jay Cooke State Park

It has been a few weeks since I shot some landscapes and it was really driving me crazy. We had some pretty strong winds all day and I decided to head to Jay Cooke to see if I could find anything new and interesting. Because of the ice, I was able to get out to some rock ribs that are usually not accessible in the spring and summer months.
These rocks are huge and are billions of years old.

Revisiting old, overlooked images

Recently I became bored at home and decided to look through some images from a couple months ago and see if there was anything I had missed.
this was taken at Split Rock state Park, from Pebble Beach. I was out shooting with Brian Rauvala
that day and we stopped in here on our way to Tettegouche State Park to hike up to shovel point and scout the area.
As i was looking through the images from that day, I found this one. I shot it with a Heavy Neutral density Filter (9 stop Hoya) to get a 47 second exposure in the mid morning light.
the long exposure time captured the movement in the sky and made the water look glassed over and calm. I love the ominous feel I get from this image and cannot wait to print it.

the following was done in Post Production

Sensor Dust removal

Contrast adjustment/levels adjustments

Dodging and burning

Approximately 90% De-saturation to leave a slight blue tone.


So, if you shoot often, don’t be afraid to go back to those old images, you might be surprised with what you left behind.

Shooting With My New Canon Gear

All images in this post were captured with a Canon 5D and Canon 17-40 F/4

Exif information is intact for all of you technical geeks.

I got the gear today, took the afternoon off, charged the battery and Set out to shoot. As I got close to Stoney Point, the clouds were looking interesting and thankfully they stayed that way. The colors started coming out 45 minutes before the sun set but faded to blues by fast.

For those that aren’t sure what is happening here, I decided to sell off my Pentax gear to fund a move over to Canon Gear. I bought their Canon 5D, which is a Full Frame camera. What this means is the camera’s sensor is the same size as a 35mm negative. Most digital cameras are 1.5 to 1.6 crop sensors.
Please visit here to see the advantages of full frame cameras over crop sensor cameras.

Enough rambling and on to the pictures.

First impressions of the Canon 5D : the AF is great, fast and precise coming from the Pentax lineup, 17mm is Suuuper WIIIIIIDE and just plain awesome.
The quality of the files this camera produces are amazing.

All I am asking myself is, Why didn’t I switch earlier?